Dana White Hired Strongmen To Work Power Slap 2, Catch Super Heavyweights!


Dana White brought in some reinforcements ahead of Power Slap 2’s super heavyweight matchup, hiring two of the strongest men in the world to serve as “catchers” for a matchup pitting two huge slappers, weighing nearly 900 lbs. total, against each other!

The Power Slap founder joined Babcock on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) where he previewed Wednesday night’s Power Slap 2 event … which opens with 470 lb. “Slap For Cash” trying to sleep 383 lb. Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes.

That’s 853 lbs. of man, hitting each other as hard as they possibly can … and Dana says he wanted to make sure there were prepared for everything that could go wrong, including making sure they have someone on hand to catch a suddenly unconscious competitor.

“These guys are so big, you know those world strongman guys? We had to bring two of those guys in as catchers. Like two of the best, World’s Strongest men are coming in to be the catchers for that match.”

Power Slap

FYI, “catchers” do exactly what you think … they’re there to catch, or cushion the fall, of an unconscious competitor.

As for the men doing the catching … the strongmen are Evan Singleton and Trey Mitchell. Singleton, 30, is 6’6″, and weighs around 350 lbs. himself. Evan won the 2021 Arnold UK strongmen event, and finished 5th in this year’s World’s Strongest Man competition.

Mitchell, at 6’4″ and 355 lbs., is just as huge. Trey holds the record for Thor’s Hammer hold, gripping the 65 lb. weight at arm’s length for 63 seconds. TM won the 2021 and 2022 Shaw Classic, and finished 4th in the 2023 WSM competition.

Dana White Hired Strongmen To Work Power Slap 2, Catch Super Heavyweights!

Dana says they also needed to make sure the equipment on stage could stand up to these 4 massive men, totaling over 1,550 lbs.

“We had to make sure [the stage] will hold that amount of weight, and it will. And the other thing, we actually had to have a backup in case they fall forward, and crush the table or break the table, we had to have a backup plan for the table in case that happens.”

“These are all the things I had to think of for this thing!”, Dana said.

Dana White Hired Strongmen To Work Power Slap 2, Catch Super Heavyweights!

In addition to the big dudes, Power Slap 2, airing Wednesday night on Rumble, also features not one, or two, but three title fights! 🤚

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