Dustin Rhodes Celebrates 15 Years Of Sobriety, ‘New Lease On Life’

AEW star Dustin Rhodes — formerly known as Goldust in the WWE — is celebrating 15 years of sobriety … saying he’s thankful he turned his life around and is in a much better place now.

“Today is a day that I am most proud of,” Dustin tweeted. “Today is 15 yrs clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.”

Understandably, Rhodes — who previously opened up about his struggles with cocaine, pills and alcohol in his book, “Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of The Darkness” — says the road to recovery was far from easy … but the programs set in place allowed him to reach the incredible milestone.

“I thank God for this second chance and new lease on life,” Rhodes added. “I choose not to turn around and take a walk with the devil. I am clean from him, 1 day at a time. #KeepSteppin #Perseverance #CleanIsCool.”

Dustin — son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and older brother to current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes — received a ton of support for his courage and determination … including a nice message from fellow wrestler Matt Hardy.

“A remarkable achievement, my friend,” Matt tweeted. “You’re an inspiration for so many people that are waging this war on a daily basis. Happy for ya & super proud of your discipline.”

Keep pushing, Dustin!!

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