Genshin Impact to Release New Cryo Catalyst User

A Genshin Impact leak suggests that HoYoverse could finally introduce a new Cryo Catalyst user to the playable roster. There are seven different elements, Dendro being the most recent addition. By combining these elements, players can trigger various elemental reactions that provide various effects.

Genshin Impact characters can also wield five different weapon types : swords, greatswords, polearms, bows and catalysts. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, while bows and catalysts can keep players at distance from enemies, greatswords provide heavy hits that can break certain types of shields.

One of the most reliable Genshin Impact leakers named merlin_impact has provided more information about one of the upcoming characters named Charlotte. She has been featured in a recent special show event, confirming her participation in an upcoming questline in Genshin Impact version 3.7. While the livestream didn’t officially confirm Charlotte’s element, fans have been speculating whether she’s a Frozen or Pinwheel character based on the color of her visions. According to a new leak, Charlotte will be a Cryo Catalyst user, which will make him the first character to have this combination of elements and weapon types.

Fans have been speculating that the main reason HoYoverse avoids this combo on the roster is that Catalyst can apply elemental damage with basic attacks. This could make the frozen elemental reaction one of the strongest in the game. All the player needs to do is deploy an AoE Hydro effect, such as Mona’s Doom Mirror Reflection, before dealing damage with Charlotte’s basic attack.

When it comes to her official release date, don’t expect Charlotte to join the roster until Fontaine 3.8 arrives. The stream has confirmed that she will not be part of the upcoming Genshin Impact update 3.7, which will include a new character, Dendro user Kirara. The fact that she’s a four-star character means that two banner cycles will feature four different five-star characters on a limited banner.

The first part of the update will feature Electro user Yoimiya and Pyro bow DPS Yoimiya, while the second part is reserved for Alhaitham and Kazuha. Both Yae and Yoimiya are from the Inazuma region, which means the main storyline could return to the Electron country.

Genshin Impact is available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development.

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