Minecraft Player Builds Incredible City for Their Villagers

Using Minecraft’s near-limitless customization potential, one player builds an incredible city for their villagers that dwarfs their scattered settlements. Since Minecraft’s release in 2011, this villager city is one of countless builds that have highlighted the creativity that comes with the vast amount of items players can collect.

Minecraft Villagers can be found around each Minecraft Seed’s town, some of which offer useful resources to trade in exchange for Emeralds. Emerald is a rare Minecraft material, as it occurs even less frequently in mines than diamond, making resources less attractive for poorer villagers than enchanted books, saddles, and wool. Since many Minecraft players place villagers in convenient areas where they can interact with everyone, one fan even went a step further and built a huge city for these NPCs.

Reddit user -Piatzin recently shared clips of their incredible Minecraft Villager city from three different angles, highlighting the sheer scale of what they’ve built. The Minecraft clip begins with an up-close bird’s-eye view of two large cobblestone, deep slate, and timber buildings flanked by several small towers made mostly of stone bricks. Chests, crafting benches and torches on top of most buildings, some villagers in and out – Piatzin’s Minecraft video, between towers and other monuments built for Minecraft NPC trades.

– The second view of Piatzin’s Minecraft city highlights at least 10 buildings made of similar materials to others, and the village side of the city includes tall bamboo shoots and a small patch of grass. – The final view of Piatzin’s Minecraft villager city shows how much work the player has put into their build, as there are a dozen towers of various sizes in the frame. While some structures resemble each other, most of the buildings in the Piatzin cut are unique, further emphasizing the time it took to create the city.

While many fans are celebrating -Piatzin’s villager city, the player stated that Minecraft NPCs don’t walk above the second floor of most buildings, which may prevent others from taking a similar approach to their villagers. Unlike other Minecraft buildings and the scale of Minecraft Legends, this clip is more like Sim City or Cities: Skylines due to the density of buildings and the smoke some of them produce.

Minecraft is now available for mobile devices, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and most traditional platforms.

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