Pokemon GO Adding Team Rocket Shadow Raids

A new Pokemon GO update is adding Team Rocket Shadow Raids and equally mysterious Pokemon to the mobile AR game. Needless to say, the addition of this Team Rocket could make a difference for Pokemon GO players.

To maintain the momentum gained at the launch of Pokemon GO, Niantic has released numerous patches, providing bug and crash fixes, new features, content, and more. In addition to these updates that have been released over the years, Niantic is also making sure Pokemon fans have more events to do with things like Pokemon GO Fest, Kanto and Johto Tours, and regular community days around specific Pokemon. Team Rocket joined Pokemon GO in 2019, bringing unique battles, shadow Pokemon, and a darker version of the iconic balloon from the Pokemon anime, but the team is about to overhaul with the May patch.

While the main draw of Pokemon GO is catching new Pokemon, Pokemon GO Team Rocket Shadow Raids might bring back some lost fans. Niantic social channels recently shared a Pokemon GO Team Rocket video highlighting the upcoming changes to Criminal Organization in the May 22 update, giving players minimal time to prepare for the new Shadow Raids. Team Rocket’s Shadow Raids will take over the various gyms scattered across the Pokemon GO landscape, allowing players to battle and capture powerful Shadow Pokemon in a system that bears similarities to existing raids but with a Team Rocket twist.

In addition to introducing Team Rocket Shadow Raids, Niantic confirmed that Pokemon GO fans will still be able to find standard raids during the balloon invasion. According to Niantic, the bosses of three- and five-star Shadow Raids can be enraged in battle, resulting in more damage output, preventing them from catching Shadow Pokemon. To access these new raids, players won’t be able to use Ranged Raid Passes, and they won’t award team rewards, but Professor Willow’s Purified Gem from Pokemon GO may help weaken Shadow Pokemon, making it easier to catch them.

While Team Rocket will take over many of the raids on May 22, it’s unclear how long the in-game criminal organization will maintain such a strong presence on the AR map. It’s unclear which Shadow Pokemon Rocket team will accompany the new update, but since there are often select Pokemon tweaked for such Pokemon GO updates, fans may not be able to find their favorites in these raids.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS.

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