Pokemon Sleep: Beginner Tips & Tricks

After years of teases and leaks, Pokemon Sleep is finally here. But unlike previous tried-and-true formulas of Niantic, this sleep-tracking app offers a new approach to catching adorable Pokemon that is different from other games.


Players can now complete a new Pokedex (i.e., the Sleep Style Dex) when they go to bed or take a nap. This allows players to create a team of Pokemon Helpers as a Researcher, not a Trainer. With that being said, here are some beginner tips and pro tricks to help Pokemon Sleep fans make the most of their sleep sessions—and get their heads around new features.

Use Poke Biscuits on Hungry Pokemon

image showing an earned great biscuit in pokemon sleep.

Since Hungry Pokemon have higher chances of getting a Big or Mega Hit, it’s best to feed them a Poke Biscuit first. Typically, a Poke Biscuit yields only one Friendship Point, but there’s a chance it maxes out a Hungry Pokemon’s Friendship Points in case of a Mega Hit.

Match Pokemon Specialty with Snorlax Preferences

Pokemon sleep Snorlax's favorite berries

A Pokemon’s Specialty determines what items it gathers. A “Berries” specialist, for example, has a higher chance of collecting the Sleeping Snorlax’s favorite fruits, while an “Ingredient” specialist makes it likelier to get recipe items.

When the player is asleep, Pokemon who reach their cap will feed some of their collected berries to the Sleeping Snorlax. So, it’s best to match their Specialty with Snorlax’s preferences before each sleep session to get the highest Drowsy Power.

Collect Diamonds from the Notes Section

Pokemon sleep how to get diamonds for free

Unlocking new Notes rewards Pokemon Sleep Researchers with Diamonds. However, these gifts are not automatically added to the inventory, and players must collect them manually in the Main Menu—under the “Notes” section.

Stock Up on Dream Clusters

Dream Clusters can be exchanged for more Dream Shards at higher levels. So players are advised to hold onto them early in the game and sell them at the maximum exchange rate.

Collect Rewards from Manual Data Entry

image showing how to manually add sleep data in pokemon sleep.

While manual data entry doesn’t grant usual rewards, it often restores Pokemon energy and increases the chances of earning more biscuits for the next sleep session. However, note that the manual data entry rewards are granted only once per day. To enter sleep data, go to the Main Menu and tap “Add Sleep Data.”

Add Friends to Earn Free Pokemon Candies

Pokemon Sleep How To Add Friends

Players will earn free Pokemon Candies whenever a friend studies a specific creature. They will also get more Closeness points which increase the chances of farming lucrative rewards. To add a friend in Pokemon Sleep, go to the Research Community section of the Main Menu, enter a friend’s ID, or scan their QR Code.

Pokemon Sleep is available now for Android and iOS.

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