Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Defeat Garrador Using Only Knives (Never Heard It Coming Trophy/Achievement)

Monsters and shambling undead are a big part of Capcom’s survival horror shows, and Resident Evil 4 remake is no exception. While Leon may be battling villagers infected with the Las Plagas parasite, sometimes bigger threats emerge, such as the blind Gallardo.

Defeating the Beast is already a tall order, but to get one of the elusive trophies/achievements in Resident Evil 4, players will have to defeat Gallardo using only a knife. Thankfully, this guide will provide the best up-to-date creatures to ward off Leon’s advantage.

How to Beat Gallardo in Resident Evil 4 Remake Using Only a Knife

As part of the story in Chapter 7, Leon needs to further explore the castle, more specifically its dungeons. With the path forward locked, the only solution is to obtain the Dungeon Key, which can be looted from the corpse at the end of the dungeon. However, picking up the key will see Leon fall from the floor and encounter the first Gallardo in the game.

Unless you have a powerful rocket launcher and plenty of ammo in your inventory, the best way to go about this fight will be to ensure Leon emerges unscathed and earns a trophy/achievement you’ve never heard of. Due to their nature, Garrador are effectively blind and cannot see where the player is; instead, they rely on hearing to determine their aim. So using stealth and being aware of your surroundings is key.

Resident  Evil  4 Garrador  Hide While enemies can be found in other situations as well, since there are no other enemies, this is the best time to try out achievements and trophies. Once Leon regains control, quickly move to the next room with the boards and find a hiding spot on the edge. Remain crouched when the creature enters the room, and watch for dangling chains, they will alert Garrador.

Resident  Evil  4 Garrador  Stealth When an enemy circles the room, when prompted to use a knife for a melee attack, simply use the correct input to inflict serious damage to the wound on Garrador’s back. Player quickly dodges and keeps a distance from the enemy Also important, as it will scurry around after a sneak attack.

Resident  Evil  4 Garrador  Before it is safe to attempt another backstab, the Garrador will dash in a random direction and start smashing things, so keep your distance and watch the beast. Once it calms down and starts moving again, repeat the stealth maneuver to get closer and backstab it again. Repeat this process until it finally goes down and claims its reward. Note that on higher difficulties, more knife attacks will be required to take down Garrador.

After the fight, turn the handle and leave the room to find Ashley waiting on the other side, ready to venture deep into the darkness.

Resident Evil 4 (2023) is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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