Stardew Valley: Best Rings

There are 30 different rings but which ones are the best of them all? In Stardew Valley, there are several articles of clothing that players can put on their characters – some of them are purely cosmetic, such as hats for example, whereas others will provide the player with certain boosts that definitely come in handy.


It’s possible to wear two rings at the same time in Stardew Valley. It’s even possible to combine two rings with Cinder Shards at The Forge in the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island, this makes it so that their effects will stack even if they provide the same benefit. However, players can’t combine rings that have already been combined before. Rings are a must when taking on dangerous places like the Volcano Dungeon, for example. Out of the 30 options available, which are the best rings in Stardew Valley​​​​​​?

Updated August 3, 2023 by Erik Petrovich: In Stardew Valley, the best rings are those that give players multiple effects at once or a bonus that’s so game-changingly powerful that it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. The Iridium Band combines the effects of several lesser rings to save equipment slots, while the Napalm Ring cvauses enemies to blow up upon death – but read the small text (and take it for a test drive), and one realizes that they don’t take any damage from the explosion. Some of the best Stardew rings are crafted, while others are rewarded as part of the Adventurer’s Guild’s monster eradication goals system – be sure to check how to actually acquire each ring after considering which of these powerful rings you will chase down.

10 Ring of Yoba


Players that spend a lot of time engaging in Combat in Stardew Valley should consider seeking out the Ring of Yoba. This item can help keep players alive, especially when surrounded by enemies. In some of the harder levels of each dungeon, it’s highly likely that players will take damage from the swarms of enemies present.

The Ring of Yoba helps to mitigate that damage entirely by sometimes applying the Yoba’s Blessing buff after a player takes damage. This buff lasts for five seconds and basically makes the player invincible during that time frame. The lower a player’s health, the more likely they’ll receive the buff.

How To Get The Ring of Yoba In Stardew Valley

The Ring of Yoba can be crafted upon reaching Combat Level 7. To craft a Ring of Yoba, players need 5x Iron Bars, 5x Gold Bars, and 1 Diamond. A Ring of Yoba sells for approximately 750g.

9 Warrior Ring

Stardew Valley Warrior Ring

There are a lot of interesting and engaging combat challenges in Stardew Valley, with some of them forcing players to make their way deep into dungeons. As players progress through these areas, enemies will get stronger, with some sporting some pretty immense health bars.

Thankfully, there are weapons to help offset this rise in difficulty, and there’s a ring that can help players take down tougher foes thanks to its impressive power spike. The Warrior Ring will sometimes apply the Warrior Energy buff after players slay an enemy. This buff lasts for five seconds and adds a staggering +10 attack.

How To Get The Warrior Ring In Stardew Valley

Players can craft the Warrior Ring for themselves by reaching Combat Level 4 and then piecing it together with 10x Iron Bars, 10x Frozen Tears, and 25x Coal. The Warrior Ring can be sold for 750g.

8 Vampire Ring

Stardew Valley Vampire Ring

Those looking to survive some of the longer combat challenges present in Stardew Valley will need to make sure they take a lot of healing items with them. Thankfully, there are other ways to gain health, cutting down on the amount of materials and food items that players will need when venturing out on a particularly long combat-based quest.

The Vampire Ring will refund a little bit of a player’s health whenever they slay an enemy. The +2 Health per enemy killed may not seem like much, but it can stack up pretty quickly, especially for players that are skilled at downing small enemies without taking damage.

How To Get The Vampire Ring In Stardew Valley

The Vampire Ring is rewarded for free, and unlocked for players to purchase, after they defeat 200 Bats for the Adventurer’s Guild. It costs 15,000g to buy at the Adventurer’s Guild, and it sells for 750g.

7 Slime Charmer Ring


The Slime Charmer Ring is extremely useful when entering the Mines which will always contain tons of Slimes. This ring makes it so the player’s character won’t take damage from slimes and makes them immune to the Slimed Buff – a status effect that happens when hit by a slime, it lasts around three seconds and reduces the player’s speed.

How To Get The Slime Charmer Ring In Stardew Valley

When players kill 1000 Slimes for the Adventurer’s Guild bounty board, the Slime Charmer Ring is rewarded for free by Gil for completing the monster eradication goal. It also unlocks for purchase from Marlon. It’s not cheap, though, in fact a Slime Charmer’s Ring costs an astounding 25,000g, so don’t lose it!

6 Burglar’s Ring


When farming for certain monster drops, the Burglar’s Ring is the way to go. This ring makes it so that monsters will drop items more often since the chances of it happening are doubled because the game calculates the drop percentage twice. So, it’s actually possible for the items to drop twice.

How To Get The Burglar Ring In Stardew Valley

The Burglar’s Ring is rewarded for completing the Monster Eradication Goal of killing 500 Dust Sprites – these monsters that were inspired by the coal spirits from Spirited Away can be found between floor 41 and floor 79 of the Mines. It also becomes available for purchase at the Adventurer’s Guild for 20,000g.

5 Wedding Ring


The Wedding Ring isn’t useful for combat like the others but it serves another very important purpose. It’s an item that is used by a farmer to ask for another farmer’s hand in marriage. This means that it’s only available in co-op playthroughs, as to marry one of the romancable townsfolk, players need to give them a Mermaid’s Pendant.

The ring’s recipe can be bought from the Traveling Cart for 500g; however, in a single-player game, it won’t ever be available and it won’t count towards Achievement and Perfection progress.

How To Get The Wedding Ring In Stardew Valley

To craft this Wedding Ring one Prismatic Shard and five Iridium Bars are needed. After being used it can be worn even though it has no additional effect, kept or it can be sold to the Adventurer’s Guild for 1,000g.

4 Napalm Ring


The Napalm Ring is a useful gadget for when the player wants to cause a blast to get down to the next level as soon as possible. If the player wears this ring, a slain monster will explode, causing a blast that destroys all objects around it and also damages other nearby enemies.

This can be incredibly useful for getting through the Mines and the Skull Cave much faster, as every single defeated enemy will blow up all surrounding objects, possibly revealing the ladder or hole to the next floor faster. It also doesn’t damage the player upon activation, which just makes it all the more useful for exploring without a care in the world.

How To Get The Napalm Ring In Stardew Valley

The Napalm Ring is a reward at the Adventurer’s Guild for completing the Kill 250 Serpents or Royal Serpents bounty. Afterward, extra copies are sold for 30,000g by Marlon.

3 Thorns Ring


The Thorns Ring provides a great passive effect that makes it so enemies that hit the player also take as much damage as they inflict. This is particularly successful because since the player is taking damage in the first place, it’s great to reflect some indirect harm back on the monster – but it does require taking damage.

When going for a Thorns build in Stardew Valley, try to stack your defensive stats as high as possible to proc the effect more often without worrying about dying. As always, bring plenty of food into places where you could get into trouble by taking lots of damage.

How To Get The Thorns Ring In Stardew Valley

To receive the crafting recipe for the Thorns Ring in Stardew Valley, players just have to reach Combat Level 7. Then, player just need to collect the ingredients – 50x bone fragments, 50x stones, and 1 Gold Bar – and combine them in the crafting menu.

2 Iridium Band


The Iridium Band provides a bunch of different effects. It’s got the same effect as three other rings: the Glow Ring that’s got a ten-tile radius circle of light, the Magnet Ring that increases the character’s magnetism by two tiles, and the Ruby Ring that increases attack strength by ten percent.

There’s a 0.14 percent chance that gamers will find the Iridium Band in a Treasure Chest while fishing so the easiest way to get it is to craft it.

How To Get The Iridium Band In Stardew Valley

The Iridium Band’s crafting recipe is a reward for reaching Combat level nine and the necessary ingredients are five Iridium Bars, 50 Void Essences, and 50 Solar Essences.

1 Phoenix Ring


Not only does it have the coolest name but it also has one of the best effects a ring could have in Stardew Valley: the Phoenix Ring will revive the player if they get down to zero health and pass out. Once revived, the player will come back with half their health and can continue on without losing any money or items.

This ring allows gamers to escape their demise in the dangers of the Mines and other dangerous places. It’s a great addition to one’s arsenal when trying to reach the lowest level of one of these treacherous locations.

How To Get The Phoenix Ring In Stardew Valley

The Phoenix Ring can only be found inside rare chests in the Volcano Dungeon. Unfortunately, there’s no way to craft it.

Stardew Valley is available on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

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