Sydney Sweeney Spills on Filming Rom-Com With Glen Powell: ‘Living My Best Life’ (Exclusive)

Sydney Sweeney is making the most of her on-set experiences — especially when it comes to shooting her recent rom-com,Anyone But You, opposite Glen Powell.

Sweeney walked the carpet at the New York City premiere of her new biopic, Reality, and she spoke with ET’s Rachel Smith about both her politically charged drama and the fun she had filming her forthcoming romantic comedy.

“It was such a blast!” Sweeney said of her time on the set of Anyone But You. “I mean, Australia was such a beautiful place to film, and the cast and crew were so much fun.”

“I’ve never laughed so much on a set before,” she added. “I had a really good time.I was living my best life. I loved it.”

The film — helmed by Easy A director Will Gluck — is described as a modernized adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and follows two former rivals (played by Sweeney and Powell) who hate each other but have to pretend to be a couple, until an eventual romance sparks between them.

As for Sweeney’s biopic drama Reality, the Euphoria actress stars as the real-life political figure and whistleblower Reality Winner, who was charged and imprisoned under the Espionage Act in 2018 for leaking documents about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Reflecting on what appealed to her about the part, Sweeney shared, “Just how complex Reality was as a character.”

“I’ve never seen a script that was taken directly from a transcript of a real moment of someone’s life,” she explained. “So, just playing something like that was just different than anything I’ve done before.”

“It definitely [presented] different challenges to me because I’ve never really been so constrained to specific dialogue before,” Sweeney added. “Usually I have so much freedom in the words that I say through my characters, but for this, I really wanted to honor everything that happened to Reality.”

She also got a chance to talk to Winner before filming began, in a meeting arranged by directorTina Satter.

“She had been close with Reality’s parents and her sister and her and she connected me once I got the role and I was able to speak with her,” Sweeney explained, adding that the thing that surprised and impressed her the most was Winner’s humor.

“She’s funny,” Sweeney shared. “She actually has a really funny sense of humor.”

Sweeney’s powerful new drama, Reality, debuts May 29 on HBO. Anyone But You is slated for release on Dec. 15.


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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Bring ‘Anyone But You’ Chemistry to CinemaCon 2023

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